Monday, 15 July 2013

Home win for Peter Sexton

It was a great day of subbuteo in Hamilton on saturday as the local club tried the Swiss style and with the help of their technical director Stephen McNab it was a wonderful tournament. Unfortunately too many posts and crossbars kept Stephen from making it to the final. It was a repeat match up from the last final with Brodyn Sexton and Peter Sexton Peter came out the winner this time around. We had 9 players out which is great in the summer. Thanks to all that came. One last tournament and our first year as the HSC is officially in the books. can't wait for the next year as we have some more vested players to come out.

Peter Sexton - Shaun Burt 1-0
Stephen McNab - Brodyn Sexton 0-1

Peter Sexton - Brodyn Sexton 5-1

(report with the help of Peter Sexton)

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