Saturday, 20 July 2013

Claudio Dogali wins the Lurago Cup

Claudio Dogali, number 8 in the FISTF world ranking and Number 3 in the Italian ranking FISCT, won the first "Lurago Cup ETF" played on July 18 in the evening. Dogali played with a great technique despite he isn't accustomed to play with the old material. There was an excellent performnce by Luca Rajna who managed to tie with Dogali in the group stage (3-3) but at the end Dogali had a better goal differnce. Host Luca Rajna also reported "The best thing by far was the comeback of Luciano Bottà Luciano."
Roberto Cavallo was 3rd, Fabrizio Olla 4th, Luciano Bottà 5th.

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