Wednesday, 31 July 2013

25th tournament of the season in Canada and 7th title for Shane Hoopfer

The players of the Calgary Subbuteo Club met last week for their monthly tournament. This time only six players were present. All of them played a group stage and Shane Hoopfer finished on top with 13 points. There was no surprise in the barrage round as Tom Stevenson defeated Keifer Korol and Josh Braun beat Ben Herrel. In the semis, Shane Hoopfer beat Josh Braun by a single goal while Logan Stevenson beat Tom Stevenson on shots. In the final, there was no surprise as Hoopfer beat Stevenson by a clear 3-0 to claim his 7th title in the WASPA circuit. Well done Shane!
This was already the 25th tournament in Canada this season

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