Tuesday, 21 September 2021

September 2021: results from around the world

Here is a brief summary of results collected form several different clubs aroudn the world.

Greece: vist of Alfred Strommer in Thessaloniki

Our friend Nikos Gkliotis reported on the Thessaloniki TSC Facebook page the visit of Austrian player Alfred Strommer. A WASPA tournament was organized to celebrate this visit and Nikos defeated Alfred by a single goal in the final. 7 players were present and everyone had a great time.

South Africa: Easterns TFC tournament

Some results from last months have been added in the records as out mates from Easterns TFC in South Africa held a small tournament with four players. Ian Clarke finished on top of the table with siw wins while Gary Downs was runner-up. Craig Smith and Giuseppe Manzella were also taking part.

The Netherlands: Nico Marks is back

In Gouda, 7 players attended the first event of the season and the Dutch mates had some great games. Nico Marks managed to win the tounament after a long break of more than one year. Nico defeated Patrick de Jong in the final.

Please note there will be a tournament in Gouda on October 10 and registrations are open by e-mail to Subbuteonederland@gmail.com

Germany: great turnout in Burgdorf

Also our german friends were back in action in the beginning of the month as Frank Stiller organized a tournament in Burgdorf. Due to time and place restrictions, the event was only open to six players but the home and away fixtures made everyone happy. In the end Frank Stiller was the winner of the tournament and the final standings were as follows:

1. Frank Stiller
2. Uwe Stiller
3. Panagiotis Krommydas
4. Fred Elesbao
5. Simon Stewart
6. Charis Chatziplaton

England: success for the Solent league

The latest Solent subbuteo Club league ended earlier this month with 10 players taking part and everyone playing 9 games. Congratulations to Ian Maskell for taking the honors. The new league has already started :-)

Final standings:

1. Ian Maskell
2. Jason Christopher
3. Nigel Pestell
4. Rob Cashman
5. Tony Martin
6. Paul Pearson
7. Paul Izard
8. Roger Duckworth
9. Corey Martin
10. Steve Smith

Facebook group of the club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2759539824274495

England: second title for Nigel Lamond

The North Shields Subbuteo Club held a small tournament on September 7. Nigel Lamond won all his games to win his second WASPA tournament. Andy Mill was runner-up and Tom Heslop was third.

Australia: Perth Subbuteo Club is back

A few days after receiving their certificate stating they finished the WASPA season on top of the "top clubs rankings", the Perth players held their first tournament of the season last Sunday. There were great games played byt the six active players and in the end Alan Kimber took the honors. The final table of the tournament was as follows:

1. Alan Kimber
2. Mick DeVincentis
3. Hugh Best
4. Chris Thorn
5. Noel Mani
6. Ron Byrne

England: Liverpool TSC tournament

Things are slowly back to normal in England and the Liverpool club was happy to host another tournament last week-end. Brian Daley took the honors while Chris Bedford was runner-up. There were some great news as the first tournament of newcomer Paul O'Connor and the fact the tournament took place at Hotel Anfield, a great venue just on Anfield Road, 250 meters from Liverpool FC ground. Some more new players are expected to attend the next meetings!

Final standings:
1. Brian Daley
2. Chris Bedford
3. Andy Holebrook
4. Lucasz Whittle
5. Gavin Roper
6. Paul O'Connor

Wales: Cardiff TFC tournament

Due to some restrictions, the Cardiff club decided to hold their WASPA tournament in the premises of the bristol club. 8 players were taking part and David Lauder defeated Darren Barnes in the final. It was another great night of table football and there will hopefully be some strong connections between the Bristol and Cardiff players during the season.

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