Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Great Subbuteo nights in Templeuve

Players on August 13

After a very long break, the Templeuve United club in Belgium started playing again in June and in August, the club decided to host the 4th, 5th and 6th WASPA tournaments of the season. The three nights had good turnouts of 9, 6 and 9 players.

After the games on August 20

The first tournament held on August 13 was played in Swiss system. Geoffrey Marain was simply unbeatable and won all his games. In the second tournament, players competed in a league format and Geoffrey marain was once again on top to claim another trophy. Finally, Marain won the third meeting and this time, the games were once again played in Swiss system. The highlights of the three meets were the presence of both David and Richard Boulanger (USC Huy) in the first meet, the fact that Matthias Averlant was runner-up in 2 of the 3 meets and the presence of some new players with the hope they will be hooked and come back to the club in September.

Table of August 13:

1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
3. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
4. David Boulanger (USC Huy)
5. Stéphane Lambert (OSC Yokohama)
6. Richard Boulanger (USC Huy)
7. Benjamin Marain (Templeuve)
8. Jean-Baptiste Defretin (Templeuve)
9. Jason Delattre (Templeuve)

Table of August 20:

1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
3. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
4. Didier Moons (Templeuve)
5. Sébastien Sorge (France/Templeuve)
6. Benjamin Marain (Templeuve)

Table of August 27:

1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
3. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
4. Stéphane Lambert (OSC Yokohama)
5. Didier Moons (Templeuve)
6. Loris C. (Templeuve)
7. Sébastien Sorge (France/Templeuve)
8. Jocelyn C. (Templeuve)
9. Jordan Bonte (Templeuve)

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