Friday, 10 September 2021

An amazing summer for English Subbuteo

July and August have been a huge period for Subbuteo in England that lead the country to the first place of the WASPA rankings.

Here is a quick summary of results from different clubs of this summer.

East Lancashire SC

The club held a tournament on July 1 with an good turnout of 10 players including visitors of London Road SC and Manchester TFC. Brian Daley proved to be the best player in place in the final as he defeated local organizer Chris Bedford (4-0) while semi-finalists were Dan Nicholls and Danny Lilley.

Haverhill Rovers TFC

The club's first tournament of the summer took place on July 4 with 7 players competing in a league format. Eliot bellefontaine took the honors after winning his six games while Rudi Peterschinigg and Alan Lee shared the second place.

The next club tournament was played on July 15 with just 3 players. Alan Lee was the tournament winner with Joe harrington as runner-up and Gerry Harrington in third place.

Surrey Saracens SC

Alan Lee finished on top of a group of 5 on July 5 while Simon Goodman was runner-up. Other players were Ian Maskell (3), Lee Fenton (4) and Dave Croucher (5).

On July 20, it was another group of 5 players competing again in league format. Alan Lee won his 4 games and Simon goodman was runner-up.

On August 1, 6 players attended another tournament at the club. Alan Leed won his five league games and the rest of the table was as follows: (Simon Goodman (2), Ian Maskell (3), Paul Woodhouse (4), Dave Croucher (5) and Lee Fenton (6).

The last tournament of the season took also play in Surrey with 4 players. Alan lee won again, Paul Woodhouse was an excellet runner-up. Ian Maskell was third and Lee Fenton was fourth.

Games in Faverham

There was a small tournament on July 7 when London Road players visited Alan Lee. Alan won his four games, Cayne Matthews was runner-up and Ruby Matthews took the tihird place. This was a good rehearsal for the Stanway Rovers tournament taking place on the next day.

Stanway Rovers SC

Alan Lee won another tournament after his 4 group wins against Kevin cordell (2), Simon Goodman (3), Cayne Matthews (4) and Ruby Matthews (5).

The August tounament had a better turnout of 5. Alan Leed managed to win anouther tournament while Martin Hodds was runner-up. Other involved players were Kevin Cordell, Joe Harrington and Gerry Harrington.

Wrexham (Wales)

A tournament held in Wales but another English winner as Alan lee finished on top of the group format to claim another title. London Road players Cayne Matthews (2), Ruby Matthews (3) and Brendan Ashley (4) were also taking part.

Manchester TFC

After a long break the Manchester club was back in action on July 28. Due to some late droupouts only three players took place and East Lancashire's Chris Bedford too the honors while Shaun Dunne was runner-up and Danny Lilley was third.

Harrow Hawks TFC

On July 31, Alan Lee won the Harrow tournament with Rudi Peterschinigg being runner-up, Victor Jones 3rd and Neil Doherty 4th.

North East Midlands Senior SL

Another new club joined the WASPA circuit on July 31. Three players only were taking part but there were some close games. Colin Fletcher took the honors while Andrew Forster-Fake was runner-up and Andy Henly was third.

North Shields SFC

We were glad to see the North Shields club back in action. Andy Mill (in the above picture) finished on top of a group of 3. Nigel Lamond was runner-up and Tom Heslop was third.

The second North Shields tournament was held on August 29 in Boldon. Chris Kaberry made a successful come-back to the game, winning the small event. Tom Heslop was runner-up, Andy Mille was third.

Liverpool TFC

Also Liverpool TFC was back in action in August. Brian Daley finished on top of a league of 9 players. The special guest of the day was Phil Redman who finished 2nd. Brian Kinrade was 3rd. The rest of the table was as follows: Chris Bedford (4) ; Shaun Dunne (5) ; Lucasz Whittle (6) ; Steve Heidstrom (7) ; Oscar Heidstrom (8) ; William Heidstrom (9).

Dudley-Kingswinford TF

A new club has just been created in Dudley-Kingswinford where local organizer Derek Air organized a first tournament under WASPA banner with three players. Campbell Air was the winner while Derek Air was runner-up and Ryan Marsh took the third place. Good luck to the new club!

London Road Subbuteo club (Wales)

The London Road August tournament attracted a smaller turnout of 5 players but England's Brian Daley was the winner again. other involved players were Cayne Matthews (2) ; Ruby Matthews (3) ; Brendan Ashley (4) ; Lucasz Whittle (5).

England on top in the WASPA rankings

As a conclusion of a great summer with so many involved clubs organizing tournaments, two English players finish the season on top of the WASPA ranking. Alan Lee is now the undisputed number 1 while Brian daley is number 2. Both players also finish on top of the season ranking with Darren Clarke being also in the top 10 (10th place). England is on top of the ranking of nations and the club of Surrey Saracens SC took the third place in the WASPA Development league. East Lancashire Subbuteo Club is 5th in the same table.

As for the future, there are big hopes to see more players returning to the game next season and to see some bigger events. Some new clubs might be joining the WASPA circuit in the next few weeks, which means England will probably remain the power of the WASPA circuit in the next 12 months but also a source of inspiration for other nations.

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