Sunday, 3 January 2021

WASPA wishes for the New year

Hi everybody, it's time to wish you a great year 2021. Even if the last few months have been complicated for our clubs and players, we must think positive and focus on the future!

2020 was a great year as we have seen a huge development of the circuit in England and Wales, the come back of Norway, huge activities in Australia, a stronger organisation in South Africa, big motivation from new clubs in Greece, great events in nations such as the Netherlands, Malta, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Ireland, Gibraltar,... Canada also confirmed to be an important nation in the Subbuteo scene and the USA had tournaments in many different states.

The lockdown and been a great time to get new contacts with many players in many different countries and we are sure we'll see many new clubs and players competing under WASPA banner in the future!

We are convinced there will be many positive developments as we have seen renewed interest for the game in many places and a lot of clubs are showing interest to join the WASPA circuit!

We stay at your disposal for any question regarding the game and the circuit and we really hope many tournaments will be organized in 2021. If you have suggestions to improve the circuit, your ideas are always welcome. We also hope to see more nations hosting WASPA events as we think we can do much more in South America, Portugal, Spain and France for instance.

Let's wait for better days and once things are back to normal, we are sure the WASPA scene will remain the largest table football circuit on the planet!

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer

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