Friday, 8 January 2021

WASPA standings of December 2020

Dear Subbuteo friends, 

first of all let me wish you a very good year 2021. Let's hope we can have a normal life again and develop new projects.

Excel file with the rankings and statistics

PDF file with the results of tournaments

You will find in the updated results, rankings and statistics of the WASPA circuit. We had 10 tournaments in December and due to the virus, the majority of events was held in the Southern hemisphere (South africa and Australia). We were glad to see some action in Malta and england as well but in many countries, we are very far to see things back to normal. It will probably take a few months before national associations re-start their activities.

Brian and Nick Pearson

If you check the results of events played in December you will see that Nick and Brian Pearson were in action. It's interesting to share the story of the two brothers. Brian won the tournament in Perth (Australia) while Nick was runner-up in Burnley (England). Brian and Nick played Subbuteo together in the 70s and 80s. Nick started again last year with the guys in the North East of England like Mike Parnaby and his friends. Unfortunately, in Februaru his brother Robert passed away and Brian travelled from Australie for the funera. During his stay in England, the two brothers played Subbuteo again for the first time in 30 years. When Brian travelled back to Australia, Nick contacted Alan Kimber at the Perth club and in turn Alan invited Brian along, and now Brian won his first WASPA tournament, which is a great achievement. It was great also to see that Subbuteo brought the brian and Nick together after the loss of their brother. Thanks to Nick for telling us this story. We are very proud at WASPA to see things like that happen ;-)

As for the rankings, there are not many changes in December but you will see Englad and Greece share the first spot in the ranking of nations by places, which is quite unusual.

The Flaming Flickers SC (top clubs) and Johannesburg TFC (Development league) are the solid leaders in the rankings of clubs.

Players at the latest Western Sydney tournament

If you have a minute, please take a look at the WASPA page of clubs and see if the details of your club are pudated. If your club is not listed yet, doors are open to get more clubs in the WASPA rankings.

Another reminder, to make things better, we have decided to carry on a survey to collect ideas and opinions about the WASPA circuit. If you have a few minutes, please be kind enough to answer the WASPA survey. Your opinion is very important! Thanks in advance for your answers!

Link to the survey:

Juniors at the recent Johannesburg tournament

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Have a great week-end.

Vincent Coppenolle,

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