Sunday, 22 April 2018

The first tournament in Saint-Petersburg

Russia made a real effort this Sunday to organize the first WASPA tournament in the country. The event was hosted by "Lakhta Subbuteo", a family and friends club. Unfortunately, for the first event, only three players were taking part but this is a real important way to see some more developments in the future. After all, we all need a beginning at some point. Evgenii Vlasov and Andrey Vlasov had previously attended several Subbuteo tournaments but for Vasilii Nikolaenko, this was a real "premiere". Andrey Vlasov finally won the tournament, Evgenii Vlasov being runner-up and Vasilii Nikolaenko took the third place.
Huge thanks to our friends in Russia for making this first tournament possible!

Evgenii Vlasov - Vasilii Nikolaenko - 2:0
Andrey Vlasov - Vasilii Nikolaenko - 4:0
Andrey Vlasov - Evgenii Vlasov - 1:0

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