Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Successful Flicko De Mayo 2017

Peter Alegi, right on the picture, won the individual tournament 

Ilias Gikas was runner-up
The sixth annual Flicko De Mayo tournament showed once again why Subbuteo table soccer is a game like no other. Lots of high quality play, spectacular goals, and close matches made for an exciting and fun WASPA event in Grand Rapids.

The round-robin format ensured plenty of matches for everyone, including our friends who made the long journey from Chicago: Ilias Gikas, Chris Sweetland, and Tim Tumminaro.

Team victory for Grand Rapids
The top three finishers were decided only after the 7th and final round. Peter Alegi edged out Ilias Gikas 2-1 to win the championship. Tim Tumminaro defeated Chris Sweetland 3-2 to take third place thanks to the 1-1 draw between Paul Pate and Alex Galarza. Joe Legatz showed continued improvement in his first year of competitive play, scoring some fine goals against far more experienced players.

Special mention must be made of the mesmerizing match between Ilias and Tim. In this goal fest Tim drew level at 5-5 with 30 seconds left, but Ilias miraculously scored the winner with time running out: 6-5!

The 2017 Great Lakes Team Cup Challenge capped a wonderful day of action. Grand Rapids won the trophy on goal difference with these scores: Peter-Ilias 3-0, Alex-Tim 0-1, Paul-Chris 0-0.  Thanks to everyone, including our hosts at Big Kidz Games, for a really good time!

(Report from https://grtsc.wordpress.com/2017/05/08/successful-flicko-de-mayo/)


Gikas Galarza 4-1
Tumminaro-Pate 1-0
Legatz-Alegi 0-4

Sweetland-Gikas 1-7
Pate-Legatz 4-1
Galarza-Alegi 0-6

Gikas-Legatz 8-0
Galarza-Tumminaro 1-0
Sweetland-Alegi 0-5

Gikas-Tumminaro 6-5
Alegi-Pate 4-1
Sweetland-Legatz 2-0

Gikas-Pate 2-0
Galarza-Sweetland 0-0
Legatz-Tumminaro 1-3

Pate-Sweetland 2-1
Galarza-Legatz 1-0
Alegi-Tumminaro 6-1

Alegi-Gikas 2-1
Pate-Galarza 1-1
Sweetland-Tumminaro 2-3


Peter Alegi 18 points (27 GF 3 GA)
Ilias Gikas 15 points (28-9)
Tim Tumminaro 9 (13-16)
Alex Galarza 8 (4-11)
Paul Pate 7 (8-10)
Chris Sweetland 4 (6-17)
Joe Legatz 0 (1-16)

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