Monday, 1 August 2016

Sven Schilling claims the honors in Cape Town

The group picture

A great venue for the tournament

Last Sunday the players from Cape Town (South Africa) had the pleasure to host Germany's Sven Schilling. The players of "Subbuteo Sankt-Pauli" was the star guest of the day and he shared his experience of the game with local players during a tournament. The event was divided in two categories. In the Open sextion, the seven competitors competed in a group stage so that everyone had six games. Sven Schilling won all games to win the tournament while Wayne McKenzie was a deserved runner-up, finishising with 12 points. Rafael Gahwiler won the junior section after finishing on top of a group of three players.
John and Dave

Open ranking:
1. Sven Schilling
2. Wayne McKenzie
3. Clinton Gahwiler
4. John Fishlock
5. Dave Conradie
6. Mike Ryder
7. Grant Lewis
Mike and Grant

Junior ranking:
1. Rafael Gahwiler
2. Hayyley Lewis
3. Andy Killick
Wayne and Sven