Monday, 4 July 2022

Henk Landzaat wins big event in Gouda

Top 3 players in Gouda this week-end: Patrick de Jong (3), Henk Landzaat (1) and David Wouters (2)

 Great news from the Netherlands where the local scene seems to be very active again. Three tournaments have recently been held under WASPA banner. The first tournament took place in Gouda with six players taking part. Fabrizio Cavazza defeated Nico Marks to claim the title. Jarno Marks won the game for the third place against Xavier Aret and Cailim Marks beat Maurice Montone in the game for the 5th place.

Two weeks later, 8 players met for another event and the final was very similar as Fabrizio Cavazza defeated Nico Marks on shots. Other involved players finished the day as follows: Xavier Aret (3rd), Rinaldo van Dijk (4th), Maurice Montone (5th), Jarno Marks (6th), Mario Fritelli (7th) and Cailim Marks (8th). The local group had to say goodbye to Mario Fritelli who is moving to Ireland and will hopefully find some opponents in his new location. Good luck!

Finally, this week-end, the "big event" organized by Xavier Aret had a fantastic turnout of 16 players including three visitors from Belgium. Henk Landzaat was the big winner of the day, defeating David Wouters in the final. It was great to see some old faces like Rene Bolte and Dennis Landzaat while some young players competed among the older generation. Thanks to this victory Henk Landzaat becomes number 1 in the Dutch national ranking.

Spacial thanks to Xavier Aret for his hard work!

Final table:

1. Henk Landzaat
2. Dave Wouters
3. Patrick de Jong
4. Fabrizio Cavazza
5. Nico Marks
6. René Bolte
7. Marco de Bruin
8. Stéphane Lambert
9. Rinaldo van Dijk
10. Xavier Aret
11. Jarno Marks
12. Martijn de Jong
13. Frank Lannoy
14. Cailim Marks
15. Fedde Aret
16. Chantal de Jong

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