Monday, 18 July 2022

Ferran Coll winner in Montornès del Vallès

Runner-up Vicenç Prats, winner Ferran Coll and consolation winner Toni Hernandez

The big final

Xavier Masó vs Toni Rosa

Ferran Coll receiving his trophy

This Sunday Subbuteo table football was back in Spain as the city of Montornès del Vallès hosted another tournament under WASPA banner. There were 18 players from several Spanish clubs and Ferran Coll won the final (3-2 in sudden death) against Vicenç Prats, both players being members of Tiburones FM. The consolation tournament was won by Toni Hernandez from Barcelona FT in shoot out against Sergi Ribé from La Plazoleta. Huge thanks to the organizer of the "Circuit Catala" for their great job and for having a great partnership with the WASPA circuit!

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