Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Kimber and Tardiota win latest events in Australia

Two small events have been held earlier in April in Australia.

In Perth, five players competed in a group format and Alan Kimber finished on top of the table after defeating Taw Yew Loy in the decisive game.

Final ranking: 1. Alan Kimber ; 2. Tan Yew Loy ; 3. Brian Pearson ; 4. Chris Thorn ; 5. Noel Mani.

In Brisbane, the local group finally managed to meet again with just 4 players turning up. Players met in home and away fixtures and Giuseppe tardiota was on top of the table while kevin Halliday was runner-up.

Final table: 1. Giuseppe Tardiota ; 2. Kevin Halliday ; 3. Gareth Whalley ; 4. Wayne Miller.

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