Sunday, 29 August 2021

August Subbuteo session in Singapore

August 29, 2021 - Sports Hub Library 

After more then a month of no action due to strict Singapore Covid 19 measures, SPH open their doors again allowing us to flick at venue. 5 flickers were allowed but due to unforeseen circumstances the main organiser had to pull out, leaving Bernard Lim, Vikas, Rizal Taib & Rudy. 

Due to long layout, the enthusiastic players decided to test their endurance & play a marathon 2 rounds round robin, hence each players get 6 games. 

6 backbreaking games later, Rudy came out tops with full points, followed by Vikas, Bernard & Rizal. 

Final Table
1st - Rudy - 18 pts
2nd - Vikas - 10 pts
3rd - Bernard - 7 pts
4th - Rizal - 0 pts 

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