Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Some more results from Autsralia - November 2018

Several tournaments recently took place in Australia.

In Perth, the usual group of six players met for the November tournament with a group stage and then knock-out games. Inthe end, Singapore's Tan Yew Loy (aka Mark Ryan) defeated Ross McNulty in the final (2-0) while Alan Kimber defeated Chris Thorn in the game for the third place. Hugh Best was 5th and Ron Byrne was 6th.

Sydney TFC also had a good event with 7 players taking part. Congratulations to Eliot Kennedy for the win and to Hermann Kruse to reach the final beating respectively Oliver Ollnow and Fabrizio Coco in the semi-finals.
The Sydney Christmas Cup will be held on December 9.

In Melbourne the Western Flickers had a great event called "WFW30 - Flicks in the Sticks III" last week-end with 14 players competing. The Open category was a group of 9 players and Benny Ng finished on top of the league with 8 wins while Adrian Connolly was runner-up and Christos Garagounis was third. In the Junior section, Charlotte Wright finished on top of a group of 5 willy Billy Wright was runner-up.

Final standings in Open category:
1. Benny Ng
2. Adrian Connolly
3. Christos Garagounis
4. Steve Wright
5. Anthony Madiona
6. Kevin Grant
7. Benjamin Ng
8. Beth Eveleigh
9. Juliette Browne

Final standings in Junior category:
1. Charlotte Wright
2. Billy Wright
3. Liam Browne
4. Jayden Truter
5. Sean Browne

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