Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Some more action in Belgium

Four different events have been hald in the last few days in Rochefort, Seraing, Bande and Vresse. Here are some small report and results of these different tournaments.

Nathan Dizier and Arnaud Robillard
JSC Rochefort had a WASPA tournament on Friday with seven players competing in a league system. Everybody played 6 games and Arnaud Robillard won the tournament on goals scored after sharing the same number of points with Valéry Dejardin. The final standings are as follows:

Rémy Honet and Manon Willem
The final standings are as follows:
1. Arnaud Robillard
2. Valéry Dejardin
3. Nathan Dizier
4. Didier Stévenot
5. Maxime Muraille
6. Manon Willem
7. Rémy Honet

Players in Seraing
SC Seraing had a small event with five players on Friday night. Everyone had four games and Pascal Scheen (Valletta SC) took the honors while Christophe Dheur was runner-up.

Here are the final standings:
1. Pascal Scheen
2. Christophe Dheur
3. David Fraikin
4. Richard Boulanger
5. Philippe Thys

Another event in Belgium took place in Bande and was organized by Wamme SC on March 22. Seven players met in Swiss system and the players of Rochefort TS made the law after taking the first 3 spots.

The standings:
1. Corentin Wauthy
2. Aurélien Feye
3. Basile Magermans
4. Bruno Mottet
5. Jean Grosdent
6. Philippe Thys
7. Aurore Grosdent

Finally, the club of Semois held a tournament on Sunday in Vresse. Small room, five players but great fun. Renaud Parisel defeated Pascal Droeven in the final while Tom Léonard beat marc De Vos in the game for the 3rd place. A great day was had by all.

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