Sunday, 12 November 2017

Promotional tournament in North Wales

London Road Subbuteo Club held the November "Sychdyn Cup", six players played in a league format with Brian Daley finishing first and Richard Stock coming runner up. Thirteen year old Yani Kelly came third, Cayne Matthews fourth, eight year old Ruby Matthews came fifth and beat her dad 1-0 today, with Dave Merrilees-Kelly sixth. The tournament was a WASPA promotional tournament, which means Brian and Richard will not get ranking points (because they are in the top 25 already). "Having them at the promo is good practise for the rest of us", reported Cayne Matthews.

The next event in North Wales will be held on November 26 at "the Parrot" in Drury. "We should be 10+ and today one of Ruby school friends came for a practise game with Ruby. Just looking to slowly grow as a club and attract new players to the game and bring back players that have stopped", also commented Cayne.

Brian 15pts
Rich 12
Yani 6 (WASPA champion)
Cayne 6
Ruby 4
Dave 1

Yani 3v0 Ruby
Rich 5v0 Cayne
Brian 4v0 Dave
Cayne 2v1 Yani
Dave 0v0 Ruby
Brian 3v2 Rich
Yani 4v1 Dave
Cayne 0v4 Brian
Ruby 0v4 Rich
Brian 5v1 Yani
Rich 3v0 Dave
Ruby 1v0 Cayne
Yani 1v3 Rich
Brian 1v0 Ruby
Dave 0v1 Cayne

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