Saturday, 11 November 2017

Number 77 for Marain in the Flanders

Top 3 of the evening: Ceulemans - Marain - Lannoy

SC Flanders is the only active club in the North of Belgium and last Monday they run their 43rd WASPA tournament with a good turnout of 11 players. geoffrey Marain came with ambitions and managed to claim his 77th WASPA title, finishing the evening with 4 wins to take the first spot of the Swiss ladder. Jos ceulemans, who lost to Marain in session 1, won his next three games to finish runner-up. Four players ended with 7 points but Frank Lannoy deserved the 3rd place thanks to the number of goals scored. The next SCF tournament will be held on December 11. Everybody is welcome.

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