Monday, 16 April 2012

Simon Gauci wins the Easter Cup tournament

The club of Attard organized another WASPA tournament on friday. the Easter Cup was played by 16 players and there were some good games in all stages of the tournament. After the group stage, four players qualified for the semifinals. Daniele Spadaro beat Alfred Fenech on shots and a game without any goal. In the other semi, Simon gauci also won on shots after a 1-1 draw against Hector Scerri. In the final, Simon gauci won by a single goal to Daniele Spadaro. In the match for the 3rd place, Alfred Fenech beat Hector Scerri on shot after a 1-1 draw. Congratulations to everyone for a great evening of table football.
The final between Daniele Spadaro and Simon Gauci (with Gordon Caruana as referee)
Simon Gauci receives his trophy
Alfred Fenech receives the trophy for the 3rd place
Daniele Spadaro, number 1 in the WASPA ranking, is the tournament runner-up

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