Monday, 30 April 2012

Inaugural Hong Kong WASPA tournament

There was a lot of action and excitment in Hong Kong on sunday as the very first WASPA tournament took place between four very motivated players. The games were closely fought affairs, accompanied with a fair share of goals. In a group stage of four players, almost every competitor had a chance to win. Playing in a totally new and unfamiliar ground, Kok Wee, ironically, winning away from home... managed to top of the group with two wins and a draw, thus winning the tournament. His very first, in fact, since his push for the game in the region. Antonio, playing at home, but slipping up occasionally, came as seconnd, with John, not having time and some luck on his side, came in 3rd. The pack was followed by Stephan, whom is relatively new to the modern play of the game, completed the group at 4th. Overall, every player put in fine performances, with quite a few good goals and completed successfully the inaugural Hong Kong WASPA Tournament! The final ranking: 1. Tan Kok Wee (Singapore - Singpore Lions SC) ; 2. Antonio Carabillo (Hong Kong - Dragons SC) ; 3. John Ho (Singapore - Woodlands SC) ; 4. Stephan Peaker (Hong Kong - Dragons SC)

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