Saturday, 11 July 2020

Italy: results from Firenze and Fonte Nuova

Tonight we have some news from Italy where two events have been held this week.

The Firenze players met on July 9 to play the Sicurtek Cup, a small tournament with 6 players. Marco Bonciani defeated Alessandre Neri in the final (4-0) but more importantly it was a perfect moment to meet again, to play some games and to have a few drinks.

The other tournament was played in the Rome area where the "Subbuteo Club Fonte Nuova" (Facebook link: had a "Bavaria Cup", also with six players. This was the club's first WASPA event. The tournament was played with the old rules and Alessandro Lupi (Stoke City) defeated Flavio Balice (Borussia Monchengladbach) in the final (3-1). Special thanks to Chris Florido for making the tournament a WASPA event with another tournament already in the agenda...

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