Tuesday 21 July 2020

Australia: latest results from Perth and Brisbane

Australia still has an active Subbuteo scene as some cities are in a position to organize tournaments. Perth and Brisbane had WASPA events last week-end.

In Perth, 7 players attended the latest event and were divided into two groups. Alan Kimber finished on top of group 1 while newcomer Brian Pearson won group 2. In the semi-finals, Alan Kimber beat Noel Mani (5-1) while Brian pearson defeated Ron Byrne on shots after a 1-1 draw in regular time. Alan Kimber won the final on shots after a scoreless game while Noel Mani won the game for the tird place against Ron Byrne.

In Brisbane, 5 players competed in a tournament run under the theme of the English Division 1 of 1970 and they also managed to do a FA Cup 1970 so that everyone had a lot of games. The league was won by Kevin Halliday to claim the WASPA tournament. A great effort by kevin who started to play six months ago. The Cup was won by Giuseppe Tardiota. The club also welcomed a new player, Kevin Puglisevich.

Thanks to the clubs in Perth and Brisbane for their efforts to organize WASPA events!

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