Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The first tournament in Portland

Portland Table Soccer Club held their first tournament last week-end with Jonathan Smith of the Boise USL club coming as a special guest. There were 8 players taking part and the round robin ended as follows:
Jonathan D Smith 21
Simon Gawlik 13
Mark Prinzmetal 11
Matthew Crittenden 10
Dan Morgan 8
Randy Kilwag 5 (*)
Kellen Christensen 5
Josh Geyer 3
(*) Tiebreaker between Randy and Kellen went to GA.

First and second place played for the Rocky Martin Memorial Portland Cup. Jonathan beat Simon 4-0 while coaching him heavily. You can draw your own inferences from the fact that PTSC's top finisher was 10 years old. "It was so much fun! I'm exhausted, but it was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make it possible. Special thanks to Jonathan D Smith for traveling here from Idaho to represent BUSL and show our humble club the ropes. Thanks again to The Portland Game Store for once again being a gracious host", commented local organizer Randy Kilwag.

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