Thursday, 25 January 2018

Short news from around the world

Here are short reports of several tournament held in the first part of the month.

In Austria, the club of Royal 78 had a Christmas Cup on January 14. There was a very good field of 15 players. "Stefan defeated Alex in the final while Christian and Karl reached the top 4", commented the organizers.

Scotland was back in action on January 14 with five players meeting in Lettham. Players met each other twice and in the end Steve Bennett finished on top of the table with 22 points. Rob Conway was runner-up (19) while David Baxter (9), Andy Beskaby (9) and Dave Minty (0) were also taking part.

Players at the Sydney TFC tournament
Australia had some tournament in the last few weeks. We will soon come back on what happened before and during the Asian Cup but some other results are worth a mention. Sydney TFC had a tournament last week with a good field of 10 players. Robert Green defeated Daniele Lombardi to claim the honors. Tony Credentino and FISTF president Steve Dettre made it to the semi-finals.

A bit earlier, Subbuteo Parramatta also had a tournament with seven players taking part. Hermann Kruse and Paul Magee played the final and there was no winner (0-0) so organizers decided to share honors so that there were two winners. Adrian Elmer and Steve Dettre reached the semis.

The Northern Falcons had a nive evening of play to prepare the Asian Cup. Fabrizio Coco finished on top of a group of 5 while Steve Dettre was runner-up, Tony Credentino took the third place, John Palamara was 4th and Kostas Barbaris was 5th.

In Wales, the first Knighton promotional tournament took place last Sunday. Dan Nicholls finished on top of a groupe of four while Danny Bird was runner-up. Tom Taylor and Kenny Evans were the other players taking part.

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