Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Vikas Chandiramani and Izham Sidek grab honors in Singapore

Merlion Cup players
TFAS Merlion Cup 2017 (Plates Event)

The Merlion Cup 2017 International Open was held on 10 December 2017, which started off with the group stages. There were a number of player who got knocked out after the group games. However, these players were given a chance in winning the consolation Plates prize!
Tournament winner Vikas Chandiramani
There were 8 players for the Plates Event, and a draw was carried out to determine their matchups. A series of knockout matches followed.

Tournament runner-up John Ho
In the end it was Vikas Chandiramani and John Ho who reached the final, where the former won 2-1!

TFAS Merlion Cup 2017 (Amateur Category)

The Amateur Category of the Merlion Cup 2017 was held on 9 December 2017. New players or players who have not been playing for a long time were eligible for this event.

Tournament winner Izham Sidek
Sunday runner-up John Edwards
Five players competed in this category. After a series of round robin games being played, it was Izham Sidek who came out tops undefeated, with 3 wins and a draw.

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