Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Michael Choong wins 2017 National Day tournament in Singapore

This week-end the Singapore players successfully completed another WASPA tournament in celebration of their National Day. The event was organized by
the SG Lions TFC in partnership with Kebun Bahru TFC. Players the tournament outdoors in the sweltering heat & humidity of tropical Singapore!

The 12 players were randomly drawn into 2 groups of 6 players each for the Swiss-format Group Stage with 3 rounds of games. The respective 1st to 6th finishers in each Group then play-off each other to determine the overall 1st to 12th positions.  Each player gets 4 games.
Fauzi Ghani caused an early upset by beating Anas Rahamat (the reigning Singapore TFAS Cup & National Double Champion) 2-1 to knock him off the Top 4.  Michael Choong edged out Bernard Lim 2-1 to take top spot; while Rudy Hesty comfortably beat Fauzi 2-0 to take 3rd spot.

(L-R): Rudy (Third), Bernard (Runner-Up), Michael (Champion), Fauzi (Fourth)
Final Placings
Champion: Michael Choong
Runner-Up: Bernard Lim
3rd Place: Rudy Hesty
4th Place: Fauzi Ghani
5th Place: Kok Wee Tan
6th Place: Anas Rahamat
7th Place: Vikas Chandiramani
8th Place: Noor Haikal
9th Place: Nic Tan
10th Place: Yew Loy Tan
11th Place: Rizal Taib
12th Place: Luke Lim

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