Monday 2 October 2023

Mark Farrell wins All-Ireland Championships

20 players attended the All-Ireland Championships at Ballymena Golf Club. They came from nine counties - Antrim, Derry, Down & Tyrone in the North and Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Kerry & Wexford in the South. Mark Farrell retained the title, scoring his winning goal in the Final against Kenny Beggs with 2 minutes remaining. Barry Spence & Martinog Bradley reached the semi-finals. Mick O'Brien won the Plate with a golden-goal against Eoin Adams and Eliott Fitzpatrick took the Junior trophy. Well done also to young Daniel Kaliszewski, who reached the Quarter-Finals, with some great performances against experienced players. Thanks to all who travelled from far and near to make it a great day. Full Results, Photos and report on

Report by Kenny Beggs

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