Thursday, 8 April 2021

April 2021: results from Australia, Italy and Norway

Even if the virus is still there, there are tournaments or Subbuteo games played under WASPA banner in different countries.

Here is a quick summary of recent event held in Australia, Italy and Norway.

Sydney: Fabrizio Coco wins Easter Cup

Steve Dettre reports: "Congratulations to Fabrizio on taking the Northern Falcons Easter Cup, and to Adrian G for making his second consecutive WASPA final, before losing to Fab 2-0.

Group 1 ended up being a true 'Group of Death' with Fab, Steve and Eliot. Steve took the lead against Eliot before being pegged back before the break, as they battled a 1-1 draw. Then Steve battled hard against Fab, surviving three shots that hit the post before registering only their third 0-0 draw since first meeting in 2015. Fab then decided the group with a late winner against Eliot.

In Group 2, Adrian continued his great form after resuming play, holding Tony Credentino 0-0, while Torben accounted for Paolo Credentino 2-0 in his first competitive match in a year. Adrian then beat Paolo, while Tony registered his second 0-0 of the night against Torben. Tony had a chance to progress, but was held 0-0 (again) by his son, while Adrian wrapped up the group beating Torben 1-0.

In the semis, Fab overran Torben 3-0, while Steve and Adrian battled to a 1-1 draw aet, with the tie decided 4-3 on shots after a marathon 13-shot effort.

Many thanks to all who came and the fabulous staff at Willoughby Park Bowling Club who continue to host us."

Original post from the Northern Falcons Facebook group:

Mick DeVincentis winner in Perth

Some of you probably ignore there is a new club in Perth, Australia. The "Sports Table Football Club of Western Australia" organized a first WASPA tournament last week-end with a small field of four players but many interesting games.

You can see some videos of the tournament here:

The winner was Mick DeVincentis who finished on top of the group after winning two of his three games. Arjuna Hanafi (Melbourne TFC) was runner-up while host Hugh Best was third and Chris Thorn was fourth with one victory.

Two trophies for Marco Perotti

In Italy, the club of Terni is still very motivated. The club held two more events with traditional rules (old subbuteo). Marco Perotti won the two tournaments while Simone Perotti was runner-up twice.

Alfredo Gianoglio wins test-match

Riccardo Destefanis and Alfredo Gianoglio

We also received results from Norway where a "WASPA lockdown testmatch" was played in Oslo on April 5, 2021. The results were as follows:

Riccardo Destefanis - Alfredo Gianoglio 2-0 (2-0)
Riccardo Destefanis - Alfredo Gianoglio 1-2 (1-1)
Riccardo Destefanis - Alfredo Gianoglio 0-2 (0-1)
Winner: Alfredo Gianoglio

Alfredo scored 2 beautiful goals in the third and decisive match winning April's lockdown testmatch competition!

What about you?

If you are kind to play games under WASPA banner, don't hesitate to send your results to
The doors are always open for new players so feel welcome!

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