Friday, 13 October 2017

Singapore Premier League: October 2017 results

League day 8 was the second last session for Singapore Table Football League 2017. Eventhought 5 players came, the players field were fill with recent Champions, notably Vikas; winner of Australian Satellite tournament in Perth & Bernard Lim; winner of last month IO tournament in Sydney. With current form on their side the 2 players were ready to out play local champions Anas & Rudy plus seasoned veteran Rizal T.

A round robin format was adopted, with each players playing 4 games.

1st Round
Rudy edging out Bernard 2-0 with the latter adopting the “Cheeky” Off Side trap (which  was never seen done before by him). On a few occasions the COS worked perfectly but alas his finishing let him down.
Anas again showed why he is Asian No.1, with his deadly finishing to register a comfortable 4-0 win against Rizal. 

Round 2
Vikas was next against Rudy. Time & time again Vikas long flick shot trademark shots missed his mark & frustration got into his play. Rudy capitalised on this & ran out 4-0 winners.

Bernard vs Anas. Anas scored 1st but Bernard, fresh from his overseas win scored twice n kept the score at 2-1 till the final 3 minutes of full time. Nerves got to Bernard with Anas equalising with less then a minute & 1/2 to go. To add insult to injury, Bernard’s goalkeeper broke his arm hence a late substitution had to be made. With seconds left, Anas pushed for the last attack.. His attacking player got into the shooting area & with a delicate chip over the keeper, Anas scored .. final score Bernard 2 Anas 3.

Round 3
Vikas vs Anas. Again, Vikas took the game to Anas but the goalpost & some great goal keeping kept Vikas at bay. With quick precision & hard pressing Anas again came up tops & registered a 2-0 win.

Bernard vs Rizal T. Both players need victory to put pressure on the leaders & both did not disappoint. An all out assault by both players saw the score seesawing. However, Bernard took control with the 3rd & 4th goal to kill off Rizal’s attack. Final score Bernard 4 Rizal 3.

Round 4
Rudy vs Anas. Both having 100% winning squared up & within a minute of play, Rudy’s flick blunder resulted in a goal by Anas. Rudy chased the game & got the equaliser by mid game play but again Anas scored with a counter attack to take a 2-1 lead. Just before the break the score was tied 2-2 with Rudy scoring a perfect long distance flick which ball chipped over the keeper & into goal. In the 2nd half, both players went at each other but luck favoured Rudy who managed to score 2 more goals to end the score 4-2.

Vikas vs Rizal T. Both veterans played a fast paced game but Vikas shooting was more clinical hence winning 4-0.

Final Round
Rudy won 4-0 against Rizal T hence wrapping up the Oct title but his win was overshadowed by the battle of the recent overseas winners....Vikas vs Bernard. Apart from bragging rights the league final placing of 3rd & 4th were still up for grabs. Both players needed the win & both played their offensive game. Alas, Bernard outscored Vikas by 2 with Vikas scoring a late goal to end the game 2-1.

Oct Session Table
1st - Rudy - 4 wins
2nd - Anas - 3 wins
3rd - Bernard - 2 wins
4th - Vikas - 1 win
5th - Rizal

Join us again in November for TFAS league. With one more session to go & only marginal points separating the top 2 the final session could yet be the best one.

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