Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Good turnout in Templeuve

Top 3 of the night: Dupret-Marain-Coppenolle
12 players attended the first Templeuve tournament of the season. There were several players competing for the victory but nobody could really defeat the usual winner Geoffrey Marain who was the only one to win his four games (against Steffen Despretz, André Boltz, Michaël Dupret and Stéphane Lambert). Vincent Coppenolle was thelucky runner-up after winning his last game against Steffen Despretz. Michaël Dupret took the tird place. Breaking news are the announcement of both Stéphane Lambert and Michaël Dupret to travel to Japan for the forthcoming FISTF week-end in December. It will be nice to have 2 Belgians representing their country together in an International Open and hopefully they will also have some WASPA games in Asia. The next tournament in Templeuve is still to be planned for October but there will be a tournament for sure on November 2 with players from Semois SC.

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