Thursday, 2 February 2012

The news of the week (32)

There isn't much going on this week as there was no tournament in the WASPA circuit in the last few days. Looks like plaers are concentrating on some of the world's top events in the FISTF circuit. Good luck to all the players involved.

News from the FISTF circuit - 62 players from 4 nations competed in the FISTF Open of Madrid (Spain). Carlos Flores confirmed his world supremacy by winning the Open title. he beat Juan Noguera in the final. The talented Màxim Aguirregabiria took the veterans title while David González (U15) and Caridad Vázquez (U12) were the other winners. The Italians took the honors int he team event when the Fiamme Azzurre squad beat Real Murcia in the final. In the Satellite of Rome, the legend Francesco Mattiangeli wont he Open title while Andrea Strazza won the veterans and the club of Brasilia Chieti won the team event.

Frameries is the center of the world - The FISTF Major of Frameries will be played for the ver first time in a new modern hall, replacing the old venue of Mons. 45 teams and 240 players are registered for the world's largest tournament to be played this week-end. More details can be found at

Forthcoming events - Here is a list of the forthcoming WASPA tournaments. We hope many more will be added in the near future. You can see the contact person for every tournament in the section "forthcoming events" (on the right column).
- February 10 - Tournament in Attard, Malta
- February 24-26 - Tournament in Cincinnatti, Ohio (USA)
- March 4 - Tournament in Singapore
- Tournament in Adelaide (Australia) -> Details coming soon
- Tournament in Trenton, Ontario (Canada) -> Details coming soon
- Tournament in Johannesburg (South Africa) -> Details coming soon
- Tournament in Templeuve (Belgium) -> Details coming soon
- Tournament in Nicosia (Cyprus) -> Details coming soon
- Tournament in Stockholm (Sweden) -> Details coming soon

Top 10 nations this week on the blog - This week the bigger number of visitors came from the Germany, the UK, the US, Italy, Russia, Greece, France, Ireland, Malta and Singapore.

Have a great week-end and keep on flicking,

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