Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Welcome back Montreal!

The five players
Benoit and Giancarlo in action
Canada is back! At least Montreal and Quebec are back! As you probably know, Canada has been a very important nation in the history of the WASPA circuit. In the period between 2012 and 2014, there were regular tournaments in Hamilton, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. Montreal also had a small tournament more than two years but this time, after a very long break, it seems that there is interest again for the beautiful game of subbuteo in the country. Last Saturday, five flickers competed in a tournament in Montreal. Pierre Chastenais, who was also the organizer, claimed the honors after defeating Simon Harvey in the final. Hugo Côté and Benoit Racette were the semi-finalists while Giancarlo Ramellini took the 5th place.

Pierre commented it was a good day of play: "Two of our best players could not attend so things were easier than expected for me but we had fun in all our games. I told our new players competing against Americans would be something different as the level is high in the US. The beginners will learn more in the future, they just need more experience."

There are good hopes to see another revival of the game in Canada in the near future: "Buying material from Europe is very expensive and that's maybe one of the reasons why some guys in other Canadian cities stopped playing but thanks to Dario Passadore, there are hope to get cheaper material thanks to a new e-shop."

Benoit Racette seemed to be confident about the future: "We will have more tournaments in 2017. The great news is that we have about 10 potential new players."

It seems like there are good hopes for the future of Subbuteo table football in Montreal. Let's cross the fingers!

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