Sunday, 9 October 2016

Cape Town City Friendship Tournament

Cape Town City Subbuteo Club were very excited to host another overseas-based player - this time Peter Alegi from Grand Rapids TSC in the USA. It was an absolute pleasure to play with him and to be able to learn from his significant experience. The best we could muster against him was two draws - in all the other games we were thoroughly thrashed. Most importantly though, great to have made another friend through Subbuteo.

Friday 7th October saw a rather hastily-arranged WASPA tournament, held once again at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. (Special thanks to them and to Lee for allowing the use of the wonderful venue). The four participants played a round-robin style format, with Peter and Clinton both ending up on 7 points. Rather than settling on a goal-based victory, Peter subjected himself to a final play-off, which he won convincingly 4-0.

Notable milestones included the first time that Subbuteo match in Cape Town has been broadcast via Facebook Live (footage available on the Grand Rapids TSC page), and the first time that Mike polished his bases and noticed the big difference that this made! Now we just need to get him onto something a little flatter…

(Report by Clinton Gahwiler)

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