Thursday, 6 October 2016

Serafim Koulosousas wins in Heraklion

Serafim Koulosousas, WASPA tournament winner

Last week-end the club of Blades TSC was holding a long week-end of table football in Heraklion. There were several tournaments including a WASPA tournament played in Swiss System by 10 players. Serafim Koulosousas (Proteas) ended on top of the tables with 3 wins and a draw while Chris Aggelinas (AS Hennuyer) was runner-up with 2 wins and 2 draws. The final standings were as follows.
1. Serafim Koulosousas
2. Chris Aggelinas
3. Giannoulis Voulgaris
4. Evangelos Liolios
5. Andrianos Dervis
6. Nikos Giotlis
7. Babis Polychroniadis
8. Dimitris Kolydakis
9. George Kounenos
10. Dimitris Zymvragoudakis

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