Friday, 7 October 2016

Frank Lannoy takes his 5th WASPA title

SC Flanders was back in action on Mond
ay evening with 9 players competing in Swiss system. There were many close games and very exciting moments and evenb some surprises. Frank Lannoy finally took the honors with 10 points. The SC Temploux player won three games and tied with Geoffrey Marain. Frank Lannoy claims his 5th WASPA title, the first one since Janauary. David Wouters, who lost to Geoffrey Marain in the first session, won his other three games to finish as runner-up. Marain tied against Geert Leys and ended with 8 points to take the third place. The next event at SC Flanders will be on November 7.

Final standings:
1. Frank Lannoy
2. David Wouters
3. Geoffrey Marain
4. Geert Leys
5. Johan Lourdon
6. Stéphane Lambert
7. Eddy Verstappen
8. Bart Van de Vliet
9. Willy De Bandt

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