Sunday, 23 October 2016

Belgium: wins for Denooz and Marain

Michaël Denooz - picture by Steve Closset

Action in the premises in Pecq
Two WASPA events were in the agenda in Belgium on Friday as the "Black Devils" and the "Warcoing Ducks" had events in their premises. There was no competition between both clubs as Pecq is about 200 kilometers away from Theux. The Back Devils tournament had 12 players. In the semis, Christophe dheur defeated Pascal Scheen (6-4) while Michaël Denooz took the best on David Fraikin (3-1). There was a surpris ein the final as Denooz defeated Dheur in sudden death to win his first WASPA title (3-2). In Pecq, Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle tied on top of a group of 6. There was a sudden death to decide the winner but no goal was scored. Finally Marain won the title on shots, winning the trophy after making the difference while scoring his 12th shot! Congratulations to the winners.

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