Sunday, 30 October 2016

Chris Kaberry wins the WASPA Cup in North Shields

Chris Kaberry wins the WASPA Cup in North Shields, by the skin of his teeth
This mini tournament kicked of with the first semi final between Chris & Nigel. Two goals in the first 10 minutes by Chris effectively killed the tie off and Nigel struggled to get into the game thereafter. Nigel nearly scored a consolation just before the end of the game but a well positioned keeper kept him out. 2-0 to Chris.
Dave played Andy in the second semi final. This was always going to be a tight game between two players who play and practice together regularly. Possession was 50/50 and Dave had the best chances hitting the woodwork twice. 0-0 at full time, the game went into a shoot out which Dave won with ruthless efficiency 3-1.
Nigel & Andy then contested 3rd & 4th place. An intriguing game saw Nigel try to frustrate Andy with possession play whilst Andy tried the more aggressive and direct route to goal. The only goal of the game came midway through the second period with some neatly controlled passing play by Nigel creating an opening centre left which he coolly netted. Andy piled the pressure on but to no avail. Nigel finally 'parked the bus' without a scratch. 1-0 to Nigel.
Chris played WASPA Cup holder Dave in the final. Chris dominated possession throughout the game and limited Dave to sporadic snap shots that went wide. Chris created some excellent chances, but Dave made great saves to keep him out. With the clock ticking, a shootout beckoning and less than 2 minutes on the clock Chris, with some quick flicks broke through to net bottom left. Chris 1-0 Dave.
A great evenings play, competition, refereeing and entertainment, with some excellent hosting from Andy Mill. Well done lads!

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