Friday, 28 October 2016

A good start for Kebun Baru TFC

What is Kebun Baru TFC?
Kebun Baru Table Football Club (KBTFC) is association with Kebun Baru Heights Residents’ Committee. Kebun Baru is a precinct located at Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. The KBTFC was officially formed on 1st August 2016.
KBTFC are nicknamed The Doves, due to Kebun Baru’s unique location for Singapore popular Doves (Merbok and Zebra) enthusiasts’ community who have been there for more than 30 years.
The aim of KBTFC is to establish a kampung-like camaraderie and atmosphere that the community is able to find comfort and meaning in, even as the world has gone on to celebrate a different kind of tweet - the social-media type. Besides recruiting home grown players, the keys to long-term growth and continued club existence are a strong membership base and well-defined executive roles.
With the connection of friends from the other table football clubs in Singapore, KBTFC hope to share the love of the game with the rest of the world and KBTFC believe it will help the club establish a higher level of playing standard with competitive games.

KB League Cup (Season one)
KB League Cup organised by Kebun Baru Heights Residents’ Committee is open to all. The first season started on the 26th October 2016 and will end on the 27th May 2017. The competition is played accordance to FISTF and WASPA Rules. The League Champion will be determine by the total number of points accumulated on the final game. The number of points for each game depending on the participants on game day i.e. if the turnout is 10 players, the champion will be awarded 20 points, 2nd position 18 points so on until the last position 2 points.
Awards will be given for each individual game (Champion and Runners-up). KB League Cup will be presented to the Champion on the after final game at Kebun Baru Community Club on Saturday, 27th May 2017.

Following are the dates, times and venues for this season:

Dates, Times and Venues
Game 1: 26th October 2016 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 2: 9th November 2016 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 3: 11th January 2017 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 4: 8th February 2017 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 5: 8th March 2017 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 6: 12th April 2017 @7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 7: 27th May 2017 @ 1pm (Kebun Baru Community Club)
KB League Cup (Game 1 Results)
(Reported by Nic Tan)

On Wednesday (26 Oct 2016), the Kebun Baru Table Football Club has its first tournament in its KB League Cup, and seven players turned up: club captain Yew Loy, Kok Wee (aks SG Subbuteo), Rudy (aka Encik JurongSubbuteo), Anas, John Ho, Nic Tan and Noor Haikal.
Each played four games in a Swiss format (on the club’s newly-made tables), and in the end, the winner was Rudy (aka Encik JurongSubbuteo) who dominated with 12 points from four wins out of four. Nic came in second on 7 points. The next session will be held on Wed, 9 Nov 2016 (i.e. 2nd Wed of every month except Dec) so please join in if you can. All are invited!

Game 1 Table
1. Rudy (KB PTS: 14)
2. Nic Tan (KB PTS: 12)
3. Yew Loy (KB PTS: 10)
4. Anas (KB PTS: 8)
5. Kok Wee (KB PTS: 6)
6. Haikal (KB PTS: 4)
7. John Ho  (KB PTS: 2)

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