Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Michaël Casciano wins in Auvelais

Top 4: Casciano-Heyvaert-Hallin-Grosdent
Due to the late date change of the national tournament of SC Charleroi, a WASPA tournament was held last Saturday to keep a day of Subbuteo for those who really wanted to play. 15 players were taking part including 5 beginners in the WASPA circuit. One of them, Jean Grosdent, is the leader of the new club of Wamme SC based in the South of Belgium. Grosdent did well, reaching the semi-finals but there was nothing to do against top Charleroi players as Michaël Casciano defeated Jérôme Heyvaert in the final to claim the honors. Michaël Hallin won the game for the third place. Thanks to the clubs of Charleroi and Auvelais for hosting a nice day of subbuteo.

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