Friday, 14 October 2016

Pun Amos from Nepal wins in Yokohama

Kenzo Koi and the group of Yokohama players organized a tournament On October 2 for their beginners. 9 players were competing and for all of them, it was a WASPA debut. Among the players, Pun Amos was a name to remember. The guy is from Nepal and he's therefore the first representative of his country to play a table football tournament. Pun Amos did well and even very well, reaching the semi-finals and defeating Tomoyuki Yoshimurato (Adachi TFC) on shots before winning the final on shots against Koshiro Shibata (OSC Yamato). Osamu Ishihara (Yokohama OSC) was the other semi-finalist. Special thanks to Kenzo Koi and his crew for organizing the event!

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