Thursday, 27 October 2016

Paolo Barone on top in Harrow

Round 2 of the Harrow league was played last week as usual at the Tithe Social Club in Rayners Lane and a field of 9 players took part to it.
They were divided in 3 groups of 3 each, where, Elliott, Paolo and Rudi were seeded due to their placement in round one.
First group saw Elliott Bellefontaine easily cruising as leader of it whilst Kevin Walker and Neil Doherty were left to deal for the consolation spot, in the end Elliot won both his matches (2-1 vs Kev and 3-1 vs Neil) not as easily as you would imagine, sign that the other two are coming along nicely. Kevin came 2nd after a 0-0 draw with Neil thanks to a better goal difference.
The 2nd group was the so called group of death, where Paolo Barone, Panos Stemitsiotis and Victor Jones were drawn together, Paolo topped the group with 4 points, after beating Victor 3-0 and drawing 0-0 with Panos, Victor came second with 3 points by beating 1-0 Panos.
In the last group, not so surprisingly, Marco Ghigliotti came 1st with 4 points by a better goal difference due to a draw (1-1) with Rudi Peterschinigg and a win (6-1) vs John Ellis, John in the end came last by loosing also to Rudi (3-0).
The second round of the evening, was again a 3 groups affair, all the winners in the same group to fight for the first 3 positions, the runners up in another one for the 4th, 5th and 6th position and lasts in a group for the last 3 position of the evening.
Group 3, with surprisingly Panos in it, saw Panos beating both John and Neil 2-0, and Neil win over John (1-0) meant that Panos ended 7th, whilst Neil 8th and John last.
In the Group of the runners up, Rudi came out top and 4th on the evening by beating Kevin 4-0 and Victor 2-0, whilst Victor win over Kevin (2-0) guaranteed him the 5th spot on the night as Kevin obviously ended 6th.
The group of honour was a thrilling head to head between Paolo and Elliott, with Marco well capable of upsetting the two. The first match saw Paolo and Elliot drawing (1-1), Elliott scored an amazing goal (where's Rudi TV when you need it?) Paolo's equaliser, with 10 seconds left on the clock was another masterpiece, but incredibly gifted by Elliott which had possession of the ball when there were only 50 seconds left to play, Elliott would later find out that that mistake would cost him dearly, in fact after beating Marco 2-1, everything was still to be decided in the last match between Marco and Paolo. The Italian derby saw Marco taking the lead within the first few seconds of play, Elliot's giggle was soon to disappear when 5 minutes after Paolo equalised. In the second half, Paolo managed to put his nose in front, a momentary 2-1 lead that would have meant shots with Elliot if that would have been the final score, as the live table was stating Elliott and Paolo 4 point with same goal difference, but when only 2 minutes were left to play, Paolo thought that was enough playing for the night and hit his 3rd from distance for a 3-1 final score that handed him the win of the Waspa night and 2nd spot in the general League table.

Final table for the night:
1st Paolo Barone
2nd Elliott Bellefontaine
3rd Marco Ghigliotti
4th Rudi Peters
5th Victor Jones
6th Kevin Walker
7th Panos Stemitsiotis
8th Neil Doherty
9th John Ellis

As usual, was a great night, thanks everyone and hopefully see you all soon, just before the nationals in Enderby.

(Report by Rudi Peterschinigg)

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