Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Sergio Robertiello on top at the opening tournament

The first tournament in Firenze (Italy) took place this Monday with an impressive field of 20 players. There was a group stage with 6 different groups and players were later divided in several knock-out events. Sergio Robertiello won the final of the main event against Luca Pini.
Tiberio Becucci won the tournament for places 9 to 12 with a final against Nicola Poggiali.
Matteo Cherici was the consolation winner, winning his decisive game against Giammarco Riccioni.

The full standings were as follows:
Winner: Sergio Robertiello
Runner-up: Luca Pini
Last 4: Riccardo Ferri
Last 4: Mirco Pasquini
Last 8: Davide Visani
Last 8: Gabriele Casati
Last 8: Marco Bonciani
Last 8: Emanuele Cattani
Winner cadetti (places 9-12): Tiberio Becucci
Runner-up: Nicola Poggiali
Last 4 cadetti: Mirko Masini
Last 4 cadetti: Marco Trevisan
Winner consolation: Matteo Cherici
Runner-up: Giammarco Riccioni
Last 4 cons: Cristiano Catalanotto
Last 4 cons: Matteo Alaimo
17.: Stefano Barducci
17.: Alessio Riccio
17.: Francesco Gori
17.: Lorenzo Arcodia

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