Friday, 4 November 2016

WASPA updates of October 2016

Dear Subbuteo friends,

here are the monthly updates of the WASPA circuit with statistics, results and rankings.


We are pleased to announced October was a fantastic month for WASPA with 33 events held in many different countries. We had 31 regional events and 2 tournaments with the old rules (one was "off-records" due to the fact every player played in three different categories over the same day).

Pete Alegi from the US paid a visit to the Cape Town flickers in South Africa
Among the good surprises of the month, we can notice:
- Japan made a come-back in the WASPA circuit with the presence of a player from Nepal who... won the tournament (!);
- Canada is back after a long hyatus and we are very happy to welcome back the club of Montreal;
- It was very exciting to see the first WASPA tournament in the North of Portugal as players from Orfeao Foz do Douro organized their first tournament;
- the new club of Kebun Baru SC in Singapore hosted their first tournament this month;
- WASPA was present again in Crete with a tournament held in Heraklion (Greece);
- In Greece the Pireaus Lions hosted their first WASPA event. Welcome to them;
- We were glad to see action in Prague, Czech Republic;
- Belgium and England had 6 different tournaments;
- Australia was very active with tournaments in Parramatta, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne;
- Italy had no tournament in September but we were glad to see events in Milano, Firenze and Catanzaro in October;
- the young Kye Arnold from England is on top of the Season ranking.

Japan and Nepal in action in Tokyo
47 players played for the first time in the WASPA circuit and we now have more than 1600 ranked players from 45 different nations.

9 clubs have joined the "top clubs" project and we really hope to see some more clubs joining soon.

Hallowween cup in Singapore
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A good turnout of 14 in Melbourne
Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
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