Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Jos Ceulemans strikes back!

Geert Leys - Jos Ceulemans - Frank Lannoy
This Monday the SC Flanders players met for their monthly tournament. Jos Ceulemans, who is currently ranked 13 in the WASPA ranking, managed to win the tournament - his 16th WASPA win, the first one since March 2016 - with 10 points in the end of the Swiss Ladder played in four sessions. Jos tied in a close game against Geert Leys who was runner-up of the evening with 8 points. Frank Lannoy was third with 6 points, just like Johan Lourdon and Bart Van de Vliet. Bert Feyens finished with 4 points, 3 for Danny De Greef and 2 for Willy De Bandt.

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