Saturday, 12 November 2016

Damien Denooz in a great day

Top 3 of the day
For his second WASPA appreance, Damien Denooz claimed his second WASPA title on Friday in Templeuve after putting pressure on Geoffrey Marain while winning the first game of the Swiss system ladder against the current number 1 of the WASPA ranking. Denooz defeated Marain (2-1) and John Verfaillie (5-0), tied with Vincent Coppenolle (2-2) and won the final game against Matthias Averlant (7-3). In the last sessions, Coppenolle defeated Marain to take the second place. Michaël Dupret took the third place. The final standings were as follows: 1. Damien Denooz ; 2. Vincent Coppenolle ; 3. Michaël Dupret ; 4. Geoffrey Marain ; 5. Corentin Boltz ; 6. Matthias Averlant ; 7. John Verfaillie ; 8. André Boltz ; 9. Jérôme Cyganek.
To be noted it was a long day for local flickers as the WASPA tournament took place in the afternoon while players already met in the morning to play the first leg of the provincial league (geoffrey marain took the honors), which means most competitors played a total of 8 games during the day.

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