Thursday, 17 November 2016

The first tournament of London Road SC

A great venue for a first tournament
Last week-end the city of Drury in North Wales was the regional center of Subbuteo as the newly-born London Road Subbuteo Club was organizing their first WASPA tournament at "The Parrot". There was an excellent turnout of 10 players with some players travelling from England to meet the local group. Players were ropped in two groups of 5 and the top two players from each group qualified for the semi-finals. At this stage, Brian Daley defeated Mark Hopwood while Trevor Schott beat Yanni Kelly. Daley took the honors in the final, winning the game (3-2) against Schott. It was
"It was an amazing day enjoyed by everyone, and a great venue that was very happy to have us return, so will plan one a month or every other month", reporter organizer Cayne Matthews who also thanked Bespoke Subbuteo Table Tops for suppling the pitches and Dave Kelly for finding an amazing venue. If any one interested in future events please contact Cayne at

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