Thursday, 10 November 2016

Christian Filippella wins Los Angeles Satellite

The presentation of the trophies

Two weeks ago, members of the California Subbuteo Club welcomed Simone Di Pierro from Italy for the second time. Simone travelled 7 hours overnight by Greyhound bus from Las Vegas to LA to play in the tournament. Hosts were also glad Max Ambrosio who was in town from Kansas City. The event was a FISTF Satellite but also a WASPA tournament. In the end, Christian Filippella defeated Paul O'Donovan Rossa (3-0) in the final. Varant Kurkeyerian and Simone Di Pierro reached the semi-finals while Rob Tucker won the consolation tournament against Max Ambrosio. Thanks go to Rob Tucker and Varant Kurkeyerian for great hosting and organization.

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