Thursday, 3 November 2016

England: New players in WASPA Subbuteo Action!

Kent Invicta travelled down to Torbay, Devon to the NBTA Twirling National Championships to get some new players involved in flicking whilst their sisters were busy twirling. Over 3 days, including a day to learn the rules and how to play, 8 new players tried the game and got trophies at the end of 3 days intensive competition whilst representing their twirling teams.

The 2 WASPA tournaments saw Kye and Louis play out finals on both days, winning one each but the trophies and attention must go to all the new flickers who really applied themselves and enjoyed the tournaments with great enthusiasm throughout across nearly 70 matches in 2 days.

Many thanks to Torbay Leisure Centre, NBTA and Tony McCann for his fields for what proved to be an excellent opportunity to bring new players into the game in the Under 12’s and Under 15’s age groups from around Southern England.

(Report by Terry Arnold)

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