Monday, 22 September 2014

Welcome back Hamburg (Starters Cup 2014)

the whole crew
Hamburg is back on the Subbuteo scene. Since 2012 a small group of friends of our sport create in the very traditional Millerntorstadium a new club called Subbuteo St. Pauli. On last weekend they played the Starters Cup, a tournament that is combination with WASPA since already three years. On Saturday as usually all "Starters" (new players/comebacker) are able to play some friendly matches and enjoyed instructions by skilled players. The "Helpers Cup" is the first tournament on every Starters Cup-Weekend, with the possibility for all the beginners to watch the good players in action.
Tom Horn, Janus Gersie (winner), Thossa Büsing, Thomas Vulpes

Here are the results:
Thossa Büsing - Thomas Vulpes 0:0
Thossa Büsing - Tom Horn 0:0
Tom Horn - Thomas Vulpes 2:2
Thomas Vulpes - Janus Gersie 0:1
Janus Gersie - Thossa Büsing 1:1
Tom Horn - Janus Gersie 0:1

On Saturday the clubs of Subbuteo St. Pauli and Minimannia Aachen played there very first team match. It ended up with a 3 - 0 (10:1) for the club of Hamburg.

Marius Willhaus - Thomas Kreitz 4:1 (2:0)
Philip Hansen - Yetiskan Yilmaz 3:0 (2:0)
Oliver Jeschke - Frank Kalyta 0:0 (0:0)
Sven Schilling - Robert Wagner 3:0 (2:0)

The Starters Cup finally started on Sunday with 16 participants in four groups of four by 1 x 20 minutes playing time and the players of saturday´s Helper Cup worked for this tournament only as referees. As special guest the german female player Conny Vulpes (TSG Rain 1970) took part of the tournament.
The first two players of every group reached the quarterfinals after the group stage.

Group 1
1. Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)
2. Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
3. Marcel Becker (Minimannia Aachen)
4. Thomas Kreitz (Minimannia Aachen)

Group 2
1. Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)
2. Oliver Jeschke (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
3. Frank Kalyta (Minimannia Aachen)
4. Conny Vulpes (TSG Rain 1970)

Group 3
1. Frank Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)
2. Robert Wagner (Minimannia Aachen)
3. Marius Wilhaus (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
4. Rainer Bechstein (Husum)

Group 4
1. Alexander Büsing (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)
2. Philip Hansen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
3. Ekki Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)
4. Yeti Yilmaz (Minimannia Aachen)

Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)-Robert Wagner (Minimannia Aachen) 3-1
Oliver Jeschke (Subbuteo St. Pauli)-Alexander Büsing (SSG Borussia Bergkamen) 0-1
Frank Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)-Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli) 0-1
Philip Hansen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)-Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61) 0-3
On the left side, Alexander Büsing (Borussia Bergkamen) and Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)

Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)-Alexander Büsing (SSG Borussia Bergkamen) 2-0
Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)-Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61) 1-3
Starters Cup winner of 2014, Edin Mulasmajic (Borussia Bergkamen) with former winner Tom Horn and runnerup Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)

Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)-Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61) 2-1

(Report by Thossa Büsing)